Hearts and Pistons


The party departs Qwain for the mysterious land of Milinica. While enroute, the Nora Perdy makes a port call in the city of Omeo. There the ship takes on new provisions and news on the progress of the rebellion is delivered. The war has quickly ground to a stalemate and rumors of war atrocities abound. Despite this the party remains focused on providing relief through their current mission.

The journey to Milinica is a long one. Upon approach of the lost city, the crew quickly sights a Government Leviathan docked in the city’s main harbor. Whisper guides the ship to the back door where the ship docks at one of the city’s auxiliary harbors. Bart and Reginald, taking advantage of the cover of darkness, begin to scout out the city. It becomes apparent that the city is dead; although the mechanism for such destruction are unclear. The city proper seems to have been baked by intense heat, possibly by the magma beneath the surface. The elevated land, once the site of the city’s agricultural center, has become overgrown with wild foliage.

During the scouting mission Bart and Reginald encounter a mysterious lizard that quickly turns Reginald to stone. Yet, the local fauna are not the only dangers in the city. In the morning while the entire party is exploring the city they find sentient plats as well as military from the Leviathan. It is decided to complete the mission using stealth. Whisper leads the party to the power center via the city’s cramped sewer system.

At the power center it is decided that due to the presence of the Leviathan the city’s power should be rerouted surreptitiously. The party opts to return to the ship to make the necessary preparations. Upon leaving the building they are confronted by a squad of marines led by the mysterious axe man. The man seems to know Whisper and attacks her with a burning hatred. The party flees before the onslaught.

Whisper comes clean. She explains that she and the axe man (Khalid) are members of an immortal race known as the Anahi. While most Anahi are peaceful and aloof, Khalid has nurtured an illogical hatred for Whisper. Her birth from a human mother is an anomaly and one Khalid sees as an abomination. This hatred has translated to a hatred for humanity and Khalid has been endeavoring to wipe out the race. He has been the one behind the failed attempts at clearing the brume.

It is clear that the mission must not fail, but now a their a very real, very dangerous new obstacle.


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