Wings of Justice
Wings of justice
The Wings of Justice is opposition group in the Hegemony. Little is known of the group as it is organized an extremely fragmented and secret way. They also act without much bravado and prefer to let their efforts go unnoticed. Membership is unknown with some authorities thinking there is a small core group, while other seeing a much larger more insidious organization.

The organization is one of the oldest of the opposition groups. Although little is known about the organization its membership it has been mentioned in the historical record since the founding of Rana. Furthermore there is evidence that the group was already in existence when the historical record began. Some people believe that the Wings may even be a hold over from the Old World.

The organization is libertarian based believing in the value of the individual over the value of the community. This is not to say that the group believes in a self-determined anarchy, but that the good of the community is based on the good of the individual and society cannot advance if it tramples on the individual. The group is popular among the middle class for its focus on individually earned merit and belief in class-less equality.

The Wings of Justice is organized very uniquely among the opposition groups in a set up known as Blind Friends. Each cell of the organization operates independently from the others, but lends assistance to identified friends. No member of one cell knows the members of another or its purpose. This protects the group from infiltration and makes tracing members by the authorities near impossible. Any centralized authority is unknown.

The Wings of Justice prefer peaceful forms of opposition to the government. Assassins are rare among the group, and it appears the Wings prefer to work subtly over the long-term. In terms of violence they are least dangerous of the Anarchists, but their secrecy and subtleness creates a reputation of significant power.

Black Ravens
The Black Ravens are a relatively new opposition group bent on breaking mage rule by any means necessary. They are well publicized and tend to be the source of most anti-government propaganda. As a result there is much support for the group among the mundanes. The Ravens have been around for only a couple decades, but have made themselves quite visible in this short time.

The Ravens seems to have a much more centralized organization. Much of the group is opposed to the mages legally and philosophically, but there is evidence of a darker, clandestine, “departments” that handle dirtier jobs. The high profile members of the group are under constant surveillance although the government has yet to act directly against them.


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