Memory Log 3551

Memory Log 3551 – Initializing thought process datalink…
//Transferring uncompressed memory data to processing unit… 25%…50%…75%…100%
//Begin compressing of memory data…

That crisp January early morning air caused a slight condensation to form upon my exterior, perhaps giving an astute observer a clue to the warmth that was generated within. My body produced power from an unknown source; to dig around would be to cause irreparable damage and pain, these things I’ve known from previous outings. Simple ideas such as this are always brought to light when the goings get… different.

The day’s events were confusing, to be precise. New people who at first seemed to be just like all the others, seemingly only interested in how I was created, or where my master was (don’t they realize that I too seek out these answers?!) turned instead to be a group of people who were just as lost and confused as I was. Broken families, homes abandoned, lives turned in directions of unknown destination. Perhaps we are all not so different after all, perhaps the only difference is in our creators.

The ships bells begin to toll, signalling the coming beginning of a new day. Perhaps this day I can try this ‘social interaction’ that I have read about.

Memory Log 3551

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