The mages have created a cultural hegemony that dominates all aspects of politics. In practice this governance is an unitary state of arcane-capable political leaders that dominate the non-mages. The Arcane Council in Rana delegates some its power (mostly those concerned with daily operations) to the mayors of the individual cities. Mayors in-turn delegate their powers to smaller administrative structures.

Caste system

The Hierarchy
“Divine” casters (Creator-mage)
Spontaneous Casters (Sorcerers)
Alchemists (Tinker-mage)

Mixed-Casters (Rune-touched) – rangers, paladins, bards.

The Mundane
Soldiers – The non-magical that serve in the military
Craftsmen – Skilled workers and militia
Unskilled-workers – Servants, farmers, miners
Disjunctioned – Magicians that have been stripped of their magical powers
Brumies – Disfigured and psychologically damaged people.
Banished – Those cast from society


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