House Iosia

Tracing their noble heritage to great Elvish warriors of days past, the ancestral home of the Iosian line now lies deep beneath a cloud of brume. Unable to find a suitable heir, a similar fate now awaits the enchanted bloodline of the House of the Golden Swan.

Iosian crest

The crest of House Iosia


There is little formally recorded history of the Iosian family. However, oral traditions tell of great champions bound to outsiders of fearsome power. Little is said of the nature of these beings, only that the power to control them is seen as both a birthright and a great duty for the Iosian head.

Code of House Iosia

  1. Offer no servitude to any god or prophet, for they have forsaken us.
  2. Do not forget the follies of the past, they are the clearest vision of the future.
  3. Offer aid to those below you, for honor demands it.
  4. Offer aid to those above you, when honor demands it.
  5. Do not exalt the humility of the weak, for it breeds further weakness.
  6. Do not commend the fortune of wealthy, for it breeds envy.

Last Days of Lord Wilhelm

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House Iosia

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