House Alodia

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House Alodia is small yet prestigious linage of halflings. The bulk of the House’s holdings are in their estate in Rana, but also possess business stocks and governmental bonds of significant value. The family wealth was generated in the magical services industry. Although the house is not known for political involvement, House Alodia has been close to the governmental apparatus though commerce and guild activities.

Although official records only reach back five generations, there is some evidence that House Alodia has been intact since founding of Rana. Some civil records indicate that the family ran a successful business in the early housing industry before branching into other service oriented businesses.

House Alodia has no firmly established cadet branches, although the House is interconnected with two minor houses (Foxglove, Circee) and four septs (Fozen, Bryony, Kaywill, Jonquille) by marriage.

Alodia family tree

Notable Stewards

Clovis Alodia

The first officially recognized member of the house, Clovis was a real estate magnate with considerable wealth. His birth date is unknown as he was born before the Census Bureau was established. Clovis passed stewardship to his daughter after the death of his eldest son.

Edward Alodia

First born of Kathryn, Edward was one of the most ambitious and most famous of House Alodia. He is the only Alodian to pursue politics becoming a guildmaster. Edward had five children passing control of the house to his second born son Sabri.

Raffaello Alodia

Only child of Sabri, Raffaello, is probably the second most famous Alodian. A brilliant business manager and playboy, Raffaello made considerable money and spent it. He also had four legitimate children and nine illegitimate. Raffaello was careful to legally write his illegitimate issue off with generous annuities. His heir apparent was his first born Helen, but she died a tragic death in early adulthood. His second born legitimate child Medwin inherited the house.

Medwin Alodia

Since it was unlikely Medwin would inherit control of House Alodia, he chose a cushy civil service job. Thought a competent steward of the House, Medwin preferred to focus on his work. His wife, Emera, handled most of the House’s finances. Medwin was killed in a mysterious work accident. As is Halfling tradition, his wife holds stewardship over the House until his only child, Faylee, reaches age 30.

Hereditary Titles

Keeper of Home and Hearth – honorary title conferred by the Council on Edward and his descendants in recognition of the family’s contributions to the city. Despite the decline in the family’s stature the stewards are expected to organize an annual fundraiser to benefit the homeless. This usually happens in the fall.

Family Public Holdings

Alodia Manner – Estate – Rana
Bryony House – Apartment – Rana
Sunkissed – Brume Trawler – Rana
55% Alodia Lumber – Arcane Lumber manufacturer – Rana
49% Bryony Sonic Technologies – Research Firm – Rana
30% Stawberry Sunday – Food Conjuration Service – Rana
13% Rana South Housing Authority – Housing Project – Rana
Estimated total worth: 2-2.25 million gp

House Alodia

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