The history of the world is short as all records pre-dating the Rune War circa 300 years ago, are lost. Since then all recording keeping has been done so at the behest of the Arcane Council. History books are not easy to obtain making historical knowledge something limited to the highly educated. Instead history is passed through an oral tradition among the people of society often creating legends from humble tales.

Generally speaking the histories kept by the mages tell of the emergence from the Rune War into the current status-quo. It begins with the mages creating the safe havens that would become the large metropolises of the Nine Peaks. The expulsion of the Milins is a reminder of the benevolence and mercy of the Arcane Council. Finally the past half century of prosperity is also recorded.

There are rumors of a lost history that includes information before the Rune War, the World Before. There is also a belief that the Arcane Council’s version of things is embellished and that an alternative history exists.

Battle of Liffenowe


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