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Airship – A large flying vessel resembling a sea-borne ship suspended in air by mechanical propellers and/or lighter-than-air envelopes. Airships are usually slow, usually only making ten to fifteen miles per hour under the best conditions, but they represent the best way to transport goods between the cities. They are the only craft with the endurance to cross the wide stretches of Brume. Airships are operated with Profession (Sailor) and Navigation is handled with Knowledge (Geography).

A-R Crystal – These specialized crystals store raw arcane power. A trained wizard can use this energy to cast spells without expending any personal power or erasing the spell from memory. These crystals tend to be fair large and fragile so they are not portable (although small ones for power minor spells can be found). They are sought by spell casters, and it is a major dishonor for one to fall into the hands of the mundane. These crystals are rated wit ha reservoir size and a throughput limit.


Brume – A toxic, caustic, magical fog that covers the world. It is a remnant of the Runic War of last century. On average it rises to 1000ft in the air, but rare Brume storms can cause it to surge higher. The fog is poisonous to living creatures quickly coking and disfiguring them. Prolonged exposure cause mutation, brain damage, and eventually death. Deep in the Brume roughly 100ft above the surface, the fog becomes so dense that it actual begins to dissolve organic material. Those that are exposed to this writhe in agony as they slowly dissolved.

  • High-Brume – During the summer months the brume can swell creating waves reaching one hundred feet. This a dangerous time for sailors and those that dwell near the coast.

Brumie – A person that has encountered the Brume and lived to tell about. These unfortunate people are usually disfigured and suffer from brain damage. It is also a profane insult.




E-F Crystal – E-F or efficacy crystals are reservoirs of arcane motive energy. While they are not useful for the creation of magical items, these crystals serve as the power sources for many magically driven devices. Large crystals are used to power airships engines and lift systems, while smaller ones power things like lamps and jukeboxes.



Gentry – The lesser nobility comprised of hybrid casters and the poor or new spell-casting families.






Leviathan – A massive armed airship. Leviathans are the ultimate in warship design, possessing over a hundred guns, heavy hull plating, and an arcane reserve of a small village. Originally designed to defend the Hegemony from Imperial incursion they now stand as a symbol of Mage power.


Mage-Peer – A member of one of the full caster classes and a member of the nobility of the Nine-Peaks. Peerage is reserved for spell-casters and their families. A Family or House without spell casting heirs often looses their peerage.

“Mundane-os” – A disparaging term for the non-magically inclined. Akin to saying “…those people”


The Nine Peaks – The nine cities situated on the tallest mountain tops of an ancient mountain range. The cities all pay tribute to Rana the largest and most powerful city. Their chief rival is Milintica





Runewood – A magically synthesized materiel designed to replace Darkwood. In addition to being as strong has hardwood, but half as heavy, Runewood is easy to treat with many different magical augmentations. It is primiarly used in the construction of magical weapons and airship hulls. Runewood is energy-intensive to produce which make it expensive.


Seeker Squad – Team of specialized hunter-killer magic users that primarily hunt witches or those magic users that reject the authority the hierarchy. They are also sometimes sent after particularly dangerous individuals. Seeker Squads can be of any compensation but many work in teams of two: an inquisitor and a magus.

SkyBike – A small two-seat flying craft. These craft are quick and agile, but posses a significantly restricted operating range. They are small enough to be serviced and launched from airships, and often times the military employs the bikes as strike craft. In the civilian sector they are often used by thrill-seekers. The devices are very dangerous as crashes happen at significant speed and falls can be from great heights. SkyBikes are operated under the Ride skill.


Tinker-mage – A magic user that blends the arcane and the mundane. They are essential for maintaining the trappings of modern life such as the sewer system, airships, and food creators. Tinkers come from all classes but more often than not are wizards or bards without high social standing or family wealth.









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