Geographic information of the world is scarce and not much is known by those outside the field. Most people never leave their birth cities, and stories from afar are greatly exaggerated. Below is information that is public knowledge, but with a generous reveal in order to give players a chance to craft backgrounds. Even the little stuff here is unknown to most.



Hegemony of the Nine Peaks
  • Rana – Captial – Starting Location – Birth City
    The largest city in the world and the capital of the Hegemony. It is a crowded well defended city, and the center of the Hegemony’s political world.
  • Aminah – Birth City
    The second largest city in in the Hegemony, Aminah is a center for crafting and industry. Chief among these is the great airship docks.
  • Baqir
    Baqir is the northern most city in the mountain chain and the least populated. It is not often visited and is lamented as an unhappy place.
  • Fahd – Birth City
    This city supports the closest resemblance of an agricultural economy in the Hegemony. The city is famous for its magical park that runs the axis of the city center.
  • Irfan
    Visitation is controlled in this small city. Irfan is famous for its massive library.
  • Jaser
    A particular city known for its strange and fantastical architecture. It is a leading producer of magical devices.
  • Kader
    Kader is the closest city to the Dwarven settlements and as a result is a wealthy trade city.
  • Marwan
    Marwan is the world leader in magical weaponry and crystal production.
  • Nadra – Birth City
    A cosmopolitan city, Nadra is famous as the center of the entertainment industry

*The “Birth Cities” are eligible to be used in backgrounds.

Empire of Milintica
Dwarven Kingdom
  • Kailas – Capital

Points of Interest


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