Character Creation

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Each player will create one character. The following listed below are the restrictions a guidelines for character creation in this campaign. You will be playing a steam punk-esque, high magic world with a good blend of technology and magic (and magic powered technology). Airships and other flying vehicles are prevalent. The government of the main kingdom you will be starting in is a oppressive magocracy. A few other nations exist but they will not be valid starting locations. Play will begin in the capital city of Rana

Ability Scores

20 points
| 7 | -4 |
| 8 | -2 |
| 9 | -1 |
| 10 | 0 |
| 11 | 1 |
| 12 | 2 |
| 13 | 3 |
| 14 | 5 |
| 15 | 7 |
| 16 | 10 |
| 17 | 13 |
| 18 | 17 |



The following races from the PFRPG system are allowed:


The majority of the civilized world is human. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors we are familiar with in our own world. Historical upheavals and disasters have hidden the origins of each ethnic group, creating a generally uniform culture.


Many elves live among the humans in their cities. There are rumors of an elven city far away, but no one has ever found it and returned to tell of its location. Likewise all known elves are from human domianted settlements. As can be expected the number of pure elves are decreasing with each generation.


The genetic hybrid between human and elves exist among the cities. Their number is ever fluctuating as many members of each race disapprove of the mixing of bloodlines. However there is no over arching or systematic bias towards half-elves; only that which exists in the hearts of bigots.


The dwarves maintain a string of cities in the high peaks to the southwest. Many dwarves strive to live freely here but they are dependent on human magic. Dwarves also mix with humans, many never visiting the Dwarven cities.


Few in number, gnomes are found throughout the human dominated settlements. They also find homes among the dwarves. Their rarity makes them a strange curiosity but their affinity for magic and machines makes them welcome in most places.


Halflings live among the humans as just shorter versions of their taller kin. Halflings have no settlements of their own preferring to integrate with local society. There are many mixed families with halflings and they are not treated differently than members of other races.


While slightly scorned for their non-noble roots, half-orcs find a place in society where their strength can be of most benefit.


Few in number and reclusive, catfolk are not often seen. They are treated fairly, generally speaking, but their reclusiveness raises suspicion.


More private, and therefore more suspicious than catfolk, ratfolk find their relations with the public-at-large strained. As a result ratfolk tend to look for job away from population centers.


These bird-like humanoids love the crowds of large cities and happily make homes there. Their personalities are a bit eccentric for the other races, but they are tolerated by most.

Other races

These races are available with approval. They are not socialized and will have significant role playing challenges.
Orc, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Kobolds


The following classes are available:
*Please note the modifications


Few primitive cultures can survive without magic, so most members of this class are warriors that chosen to embrace a savage style of combat based on instinct and emotion.


A popular class, these are entertainers, historians, military leaders, and even diplomats. Their basic arcane ability gives them some standing among the mages, but they aren’t fully embraced in the fold.


Mechanically this class is unchanged, however their is no religious worship, and none allowed. Instead the clerics tap into divine (or profane) energies like mages, and are actually viewed the same as the arcane magic weilders. Their domains reflect the personal focus of the practitioner.


This is the rarest class available as the link to nature in this devastated world is weak. However druids do exist and are appreciated, even though their magic is not quite well understood. Druids are not recognized as privileged magic users, nor do their seek such status.


While military officers are magic users, the non-commissioned sergeants are often fighters. They focus on mundane fighting techniques and are the masters of martial combat.


Religion is outlawed and things like religion are viewed with suspicion. That said, the self-discipline associated with monks is often a virtuous quality. Monks are rare, but not unheard of.


Since there is no religion Paladins must turn to something else for their focus and discipline. Members of this class focus on a strict code of self conduct and honor upholding ideas of lawfulness, justice, and righteousness. They work closely with clerics serving the magical hierarchy


Rangers fully immersed in nature do not exist, but the need for trackers and guides beyond the city walls means there is always a need for the ranger.


The rogue is a diverse class and as such there are many that fit into this common class. Not all are lawbreakers, but most follow their own sense of justice and right and wrong.


As a user of arcane magic sorcerers enjoy preferential treatment in society. However since they manifest their power innately they are not peers with the wizards. Sorcerers often serve as military officers.


Wizards enjoy the highest respect in society, and have the highest offices reserved for them. Most are wealth and influential.


Alchemist serve a special place offering some services reserved for the wealthy to the non-magical masses. As a non-magical class they garner little respect from the mages and sometimes are seen as quacks or usurpers.


Cavaliers, like paladins swear oaths and adopt codes of honor. Unlike paladins they do this without the benefit of magical powers. This keeps them in the non-magical caste of society, but are some of the more respected members of that group.


A popular class that takes advantage of the best mundane technology. The power of the gun is the only thing to rival magic and the gunslinger wields it with skill. Something of a hero (or some case a villain) to the mundane masses


Members of the inquisitor class function as marshals and enforcers for the government. Often times they are grouped with Magi to form seeker teams that hunt those that oppose the hierarchy.


Mages that have spared some study for martial practice, the magi often work for the wizards doing the grittier tasks required by the hierarchy but not to be trusted to the mundanes.


Oracles are diviners that read the ebb and flow of the magical energy, often turning towards the same creation powers that fuel the magic of clerics.


A mage that focuses on summoning. They are popular with the military, but their specialization and reliance on others ranks them low in the hierarchy


Those magic users that do not submit to the hierarchy are branded witches. Some have turned that label into a career and become witches. Witches are common targets for Seeker Squads and must hide their true nature or face disjunction or death.


Anti-paladin, Ninja, Samurai


Any non-evil


Traits are a bonus only available to players that write a background for their character. Players will have two traits. One will be selected by the player from the four basic lists (Combat, Religion, Magic, Social). The other will be assigned by the DM based on the character’s back story and can be selected from any list.


Startling Level

2nd – base medium xp

XP will be awarded with bonuses for good role play.

XP missed due to absence can be made up with creative writing or the like.

Starting Wealth

Most mundane items available. Magical items available at market cost upon approval.

Starting Locations

The following locations are the approved locations for origin stories. Although other locations exist they are not available for back story integration.

Starting Point

101 Character Questions

Currently their is a food and resource shortage as the population continues to grow. The first round of rationing has begun as civil unrest among the mundane people and rhetoric among the mages begins to grow. A crisis is on the horizon.

After reading the available lore submit to the DM a response to the following questions in regards to your character. Addition background is not required but will result in bonus xp.

1. How do you feel about the mage-led government and policies?
2. Do you support or condemn the “rebels” and their tactics?
3. How important are the political issues to you?
4. What is your ultimate personal goal?

I will also need to know your skill loadout

Character Creation

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