The thin air of summer feels good on my lungs. Although the days are warm when the sunlight graces my body while sunbathing, the nights – especially this high up in the air, are still freezing. Yet, tonight I don’t mind. Maybe I’ve gotten use to it, maybe I enjoy it, or maybe I’m simply going to miss it. Once we reach Rana, will my life go back to how it was? Will I be arrested? Will I be a hero? I like the folk on this ship and I’m going to miss traveling the world going on adventures with them. I should have dressed warmer.

I push the thoughts of coldness out of my head and just take a deep breath. Leaning forward on the railing, I just stare off at the massive, altered, war ship that flies beside us. A vacuum for the Brume. An invention my father helped create; something I finished. Daddy worked so hard on it and went through so much trouble hiding the information so only I could ever receive it. He was a genius and the greatest man I’ll ever know. I miss him, I really do. I’ve often wondered if he would be proud of me, I’ve done many things I’m not personally proud of. But this, completing his work, saving the world… yea, he would like that.

The machine is beautiful. The world’s finest minds constructed it and so many lives were lost creating it. To save the world though, I suppose all those sacrifices were worth it. The villain Khalid is dead. The very creature that killed my father was avenged by his daughter. The fool tried to hold on for dear life but my magic made his grip too slippery. I hope the Brume burned him as he descended, got stuck in his lungs, melted his flesh, and I sure hope the impact of him landing didn’t kill him. I hope he suffered for hours, waiting for life to leave him, thinking of what a fool he’s been this whole time. No amount of torment is enough for him. I hate him.

They say revenge never feels good, that it eats up at you from the inside. They’re wrong. My entire life all I’ve ever wanted is to know what happened to my father and avenge his death. I’ve done that now. The fact that I was able to complete his work only makes it all that much better. I do however… feel slightly empty now. I put all my eggs in one basket and now I don’t know what to do? I can’t go back to my old lifestyle, I’ve changed too much. I’m happy, I’m so ever happy. I don’t show it though, I don’t know what to show. I’m at a loss. Maybe this is what they mean about revenge?

Then, right on queue, I feel a familiar arm slide its way along my back and hold me on my side. It’s reflex and a plea for warmth but I lean back into Arven and allow him to wrap his arm around me. It doesn’t take much wiggling, but I find my perfect spot against him. He’s so warm and comfortable. Every time he holds me it’s as if he never thought he would be able to again, like if he lets go I’ll be lost forever. Maybe he’s right. Maybe he should never let go.

“It’s the middle of the night, why are you out here? Your body is frozen.”

“I woke up and couldn’t sleep. I wanted to watch the machine. I needed to remind myself that it’s real.” I pause, “It’s so beautiful.”

He kisses the top of my head, “It is. It is our future.”

“We did good, didn’t we.”

“Yea, we did.”

“Where do we go from here?”

He’s silent for a moment, he does that when he thinks, “I can’t be certain, a lot of that is up to Rana. How much will they pursue this civil war? This development will change everything. If Khalid’s hold is off of the higher ups, they will have to see reason. There is no chance the world doesn’t change form this.”

For some reason, I really like that answer and it forces me to smile. It didn’t really answer anything, but it was just so Arven – my Arven. I decide I want to stop being pensive and want to be happy. I adjust myself and turn around, to face Arven; he deserves to see this smile. Poor Arven, he has no idea what he’s gotten himself into. I will never stop being a handful, he has to know that. I will train him to pick up my queues and quarks. LIke right now… “This is where you kiss me.”

He smiles and does so. Even his lips are warm and comforting. I don’t let him stop, I decide I want this. He would be wise to comply, I’ll make it worth it for him. I stop suddenly and turn on my womanly wiles, “Arven, I’m ready for bed.”

The bluntness of this queue is one even he fully understands. He takes my hand and we head towards our room on the Perdy. I decide I worry too much and try to plan everything out unnecessarily.The worst is over, I should enjoy myself more. Let the world catch up with everything we’ve done. We deserve this.


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