Tag: Rana


  • Cold Tea

    This affluent cafe sits strategically high upon the walls; looking down upon the middle class homes of Rana. That always bothered me about this place, what was the thought process on that move? Who was the genius that won over the building planners with …

  • Fight or Flight

    I am _so_ over this. I am so upset right now I could scream! First I’m assaulted in the face by an officer of Rana with a rifle butt in the face, then no one takes my name, no one listens to my story, then I am wrongly accused of being a terrorist, thrown …

  • Faylee Alodia

    A thin-inviting smile stretches across the young halfling’s visage as your glance lowers to meet hers. You feel the piercing nature of her brown eyes judging and evaluating your very essence. It is a the combination of the fine material of her attire and …

  • Emera Alodia

    Emera is the mother of [[:faylee-alodia|Faylee]] and former wife of the deceased [[:medwin-alodia|Medwin]]. Currently Emera serves as Steward-Regent of [[House Alodia|House Alodia]] until such time as her daughter assumes the responsibility.