Tag: Human


  • Aubrey Frye

    Aubrey Frye is the captain of the Nora Perdy. He served in the Fleet but retired when he discovered his wife’s death. This left him as the sole guardian of his young daughter.

  • Elaine Frye

    Elaine Frye is the daughter of Aubrey and Nora Frye. At age six, after witnessing her mother’s death, Elaine finally followed her father to the skies leaving behind her land home. Since then Elaine has become quite an accomplished sailor serving as her …

  • Devon Mathews

    Mathews is a career sailor, getting his first start as a cabin boy. He was pressed in to service in the fleet in his teenage years and remained there even after impressment ceased. Mathews is a natural sailor and all his experience compliments a natural …

  • Monty Styles

    Style's found work on ships as a way to escape prison. His youth was wasted in gangs and committing crimes and the navy was the way out. His first years he wallowed as an unrated hand before finally learning enough to be promoted to seaman. However his …

  • Marnie Watson

    Of all the crew, Marnie has been with the captain the longest. She has served him since he was commissioned as an ensign years ago. In many ways Marine has been essential to the captain's meteoric rise through the ranks. Like most women in the …

  • Logan Varian

    Logan Varian has never known money like those magic users have, but does know the value of a hard earned gold piece. Logan is a performer for the Cirque du Ciel meaning The Circus of the Sky. His small and slender build suggest he is in top physical …

  • H. J. E. Vandenberg

    "Late to another tea party, he is." "We talk as if there were an occasion to which has been on time." "M'yes, he claims to be deep in study. Claims the time got away from him." "Absolute posh, I say." You turn away from your two new acquaintances as …

  • Corvina Ebonbeak

    Traded into servitude, Corvina's whereabouts are unknown to her birth family. Her biological half-brother, [[:bartholomew-ebonbeak|Bartholomew]] searches for her with intent on granting her freedom.

  • E. B. Mallard

    Journalism student turned beat-writer, Emma was a classmate of [[:h-j-e-vandenberg|H.J.E. Vandenberg]] at the university of Nadra.

  • Rupert von Iosia

    Son of Duke Roseburrough and [[:lord-albrecht-von-iosia|Albrecht's]] deceased wife Ayanna and because Albrecht “adopted” him, Steward-apparent of House Iosia. Rupert has little affection for his adoptive father and would not mourn his passing.