Tag: Halfling


  • Faylee Alodia

    A thin-inviting smile stretches across the young halfling’s visage as your glance lowers to meet hers. You feel the piercing nature of her brown eyes judging and evaluating your very essence. It is a the combination of the fine material of her attire and …

  • Arven Forshen

    Arven is a childhood friend of [[:faylee-alodia|Faylee]]. Arven is the company commander of the marine contingent aboard the _Falcon_. The situation in Baqir is very serious and Lt. Forshen has risen to the occasion.

  • Atticus Forshen

    Father of [[:arven-forshen|Arven]], Atticus was once a close friend with [[:medwin-alodia|Medwin Alodia]]. The friendship between their two fathers brought Arven and [[:faylee-alodia|Faylee]] together as children. Atticus now enjoys retirement in Marwan.

  • Medwin Alodia

    Medwin is the deceased father of [[:faylee-alodia|Faylee]] and husband to [[:emera-alodia|Emera]]. Medwin was murdered under strange circumstances that were never fully investigated. As a result he left the two women in his life to fend for themselves.

  • Emera Alodia

    Emera is the mother of [[:faylee-alodia|Faylee]] and former wife of the deceased [[:medwin-alodia|Medwin]]. Currently Emera serves as Steward-Regent of [[House Alodia|House Alodia]] until such time as her daughter assumes the responsibility.

  • Synth Trimble

    Synth has not gone into detail about his past. He was an explorer or adventurer of some sort, who took up the more sedentary life of wealthy business owner when times started to get tough. He is a risk taker at heart, and it seems many of his business …