Whisper Mclaren

Female Half-Elf


Wizard – Generalist (Tinker Mage)
Half-Elf Female
Age: 25
Ht: 5’7”
Wt: 125

Young and lithe, Whisper does not radiate the naivety of youth. On the contrary, her eyes show great wisdom, and clever intellect often associated with the experience of age. She is confident and possess a strong convicted personality. She tends to neglect her appearance, but you can see she would be quite the stunner if she applied herself to that trait. Instead she focuses on her work. Not that she is all business as she enjoys socializing and raising a glass in friendly company.


Whisper is a Tinker-Mage, and as such serves as Chief (and only) engineer on the Nora Perdy.

Whisper came aboard the Nora Perdy on its first voyage four years ago. She had been working as Tinker-mage in the Department of Public Works in Irfan. Tired of crawling through sewers she looked to make a change down at the docks. Most of the ship captains wouldn’t take someone without experience. Captain Frye’s current Engineer wasn’t “working out”. He saw something in Whisper and took her on.

Whisper Mclaren

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