Monty Styles


Expert (Sailor)
Human Male
Age: 39
Ht: 5’8”
Wt: 160

If Mathews is the classy sailor, Styles is the crude one. In many ways styles is a boy that never grew up and the only discipline he knows is the one pressed on him aboard ship. A competent sailor is far from a liability to his shipmates, especially as the weathered Mathews tends to his poor habits in what is almost a fruitless attempt to refine the man’s manners.


Style’s found work on ships as a way to escape prison. His youth was wasted in gangs and committing crimes and the navy was the way out. His first years he wallowed as an unrated hand before finally learning enough to be promoted to seaman. However his love of drink and gambling saw that he would not be promoted past that. The Captain hesitated to allow Styles aboard, but his friendship with Mathews got him a provisional opportunity. So far he has not ruined it.

Monty Styles

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