Marnie Watson


Gunslinger (Gun Tank)
Human Female
Age: 34
Ht: 6’0”
Wt: 150

At six feet tall Marnie is an imposing figure. Her demeanor is just as imposing. As the Bosun mate on the Nora Perdy she is responsible to the captain for the well-being of the crew. It is a job she takes seriously. Strict but fair, Marine is tough and well respected by the crew.


Of all the crew, Marnie has been with the captain the longest. She has served him since he was commissioned as an ensign years ago. In many ways Marine has been essential to the captain’s meteoric rise through the ranks.

Like most women in the maritime services she has shirked her feminine side for a rougher more masculine exterior. It was a decision that led to her own rapid promotion through the enlisted ranks. Her rank at still such a youthful age is a testament to her skill and dedication, and as a woman it really highlights the trust the captain has in her.

Marnie Watson

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