Lord Albrecht Von Iosia

The Last Heir of a Lost House


Lord Albrecht von Iosia

Half-elf Summoner (Synthesist)

Time and countless front-line battles have taken their toll on Albrecht’s body, his human mortality beginning to wear through elvish grace. This hasn’t tempered his brash nature, nor has it quelled his fierce loyalty to those whom he considers brothers-in-arms. Quick to leap into battle (and even quicker to pour a glass of wine in victory), his presence dominates battlefield and tavern alike. As unrest once again begins to swell across the land Albrecht sets out to bring honor back to the fallen House of Iosia.

Key Skills:

  • Intimidate
  • Knowledge: Nobility
  • Knowledge: Nature


A young Albrecht “wearing” the Eidolon of House Iosia.

Voltaic Eidolon Eisenschloss

Bipedal Eidolon

Summoned into battle, and worn by the lords of Iosia during its glory days, the VEE is neither fully alive nor is it a construct. An arcane fusion of extraplanar power and the will of a summoner, the secrets of the Eisenschloss will die with Albrecht.

  • High physical stats
  • Numerous natural attacks

“An Iosian is at his most calm when within the eye of a storm”
—Baron Wilhelm Von Iosia

During his summers as a child, Albrecht could often be found running along the dense rooftops of Fahd. The rain-drenched parapets, eves, and terraces called out to him as he studied matters arcane and mundane from the safety of his ancestral home. A mercurial youth, the young heir was prone to starting fights and ignoring his duties.

However, his victories and defeats abroad were soon to be overshadowed by happenings at home.

Hungering for power, Rupert Von Iosia had begun to craft battle plans of his own from his study. Waged with a political marriage and with the backing of the powerful Duke of Roseburrough. With the stroke of a pen, the Bastard of Iosia traded the future of his house for personal gain.

Lord Albrecht Von Iosia

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