Gram Taggart


Cleric (Merciful Healer)
Dwarf Male
Age: 50
Ht: 4’6”
Wt: 200

Gram is probably the strangest dwarf you’ve ever met. Not only is he tall for a dwarf he does not behave like one either. He shaves his beard and spends an unusual amount of time on his appearance. Gram is the ship’s purser,which means he is responsible for keeping the ship supplied. He also serves as the cook and medic.


Gram never fit in dwarven society. Born in the dwarven kingdom he quickly opted for a life outside the great mountain halls. He joined the merchant fleet as a cabin boy. He was noticed by an officer on board for arcane inclination. With help from his benefactor, Gram was able to attend school. He chose to study creation magic and became a cleric.

Gram Taggart

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