Ellis Hameldon


Expert (Ordinance)
Dwarf Male
Age: 65
Ht: 4’1”
Wt: 185

Hameldon is the ships ordinance officer. Since the Nora Perdy is a merchantman there is not a lot of work to be done the ship’s guns. He mostly serves as another deckhand, although he is an expert at artillery and serves as a battery commander when the situation necessitates. He is a gruff dwarf, but has a great sense of humor and really enjoys life.


Hameldon is not a navy man. Instead he got his training in the Dwarven defense corps. A quick study, Hameldon moved from operations to maintenance and upkeep. Here he discovered a love for reading. It is this that finally left him to leave the Dwarven mountains and travel. He served as mercenary consultant for the Hegemony, but left when the need for him vanished. He was a chance pick up for the Nora Perdy that Captain Frye met over drinks.

Ellis Hameldon

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