Elaine Frye

Female Human


Human Female
Age: 8
Ht: 3’9”
Wt: 45

Elaine is the daughter of Captain Frye. Although official listed as captain’s steward, her official duties are few. She is onboard out of necessity. Young and naive,she is a precocious firebrand. Often times she will mimic Marnie or her father and bark orders at the crew. The crew adores her and she is their adopted ward.


Elaine Frye is the daughter of Aubrey and Nora Frye. At age six, after witnessing her mother’s death, Elaine finally followed her father to the skies leaving behind her land home. Since then Elaine has become quite an accomplished sailor serving as her father’s steward. Her gifted skill with mathematics shows that she will have a successful career in ships should she choose it.

The years with her father in the air have forced her to mature faster than most children would have. Despite this she is known for her fiery personality and occasional lack of tact. The crew of the Nora Perdy call her ‘the Little L.T.’, as she is known to repeat her father’s orders by barking at the hands. Still they love the little girl and Elaine is seen as the crew’s daughter as much as her father’s.

Elaine Frye

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