Devon Mathews


Human Male
Age: 54
Ht: 5’6”
Wt: 145

Mathews, is the quintessential sea-dog. However this lovable experienced man is not all rough and tumble. Despite a lack of formal schooling there is a flash of class and intelligence behind his eyes. In many ways Mathews, as the oldest human onboard, is sometimes seen as the ship’s grandfather. His close friend his Styles, who often needs the good example Mathews sets.


Mathews is a career sailor, getting his first start as a cabin boy. He was pressed in to service in the fleet in his teenage years and remained there even after impressment ceased. Mathews is a natural sailor and all his experience compliments a natural born talent. He attributes his abilities to ancient family members that once plied their skills on the old seas. Mathews met the captain in the service, and when the fleet was downsized and Mathews was released, it was his old friend that provided him with work.

Devon Mathews

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