Hearts and Pistons

Supplemental: A World at War

It can no longer be denied. The world is at war. From Jaser comes the first moments of open rebellion against the government that has sustained prosperity for so long. In such a delicate balance of life and death, the loss of one city is the loss of a major organ. The Arcane Council has no choice but to react and bring Jaser back in line.

As the mages close the noose around the city of rebels, more bad news arrives in the capital. The Dwarven city of Omeo has seceded and it appears as the other major Dwarven cities are close behind. Support from the remaining loyal cities is luke-warm and fewer than expected recruits report for duty. New rules for war rationing kick in and civil unrest erupts around the Hegemony. Rana is placed under martial law and military tribunals dish-out swift and merciless justice. It is near total chaos.

None of the various belligerents can conduct a long war and if order cannot be restored swiftly all of civilization might be lost.


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