Hearts and Pistons

Straight; no Jaser

January 31st
The future is unwritten. It is one of the qualities of being the future. A place ever fleeting that is without form. Yet in its ideal it represents all possibilities. In that there is hope. It is hard to say how history will judge the events in the city Jaser on this the eve of revolution. No one knows what the scribes will record, or if they will record anything. Much like the ever sifting future itself, it has yet to be determined.

Innocent and naïve actions of the party from the Nora Perdy changed the landscape in Jaser. It is hard to say that a change was not already coming and that their action while pivotal was not also inconsequential. Any good strategist could see the city’s comeuppance was inevitable. Maybe the adventures just hastened it. More notable would be the reaction their involvement participated.

Guilt fueled the party to action. They returned to General Donaldson to render aid. Donaldson was on guard with the seeker squad in the city and was moving between safe houses. However the party, because they were viewed as neutrals with possible loyalist tendencies, could provide the general with intelligence gathering his own forces could not. The party was to visit the city’s governor and report on the strategy of the government.

Through Emma, the party gained access to the governor’s mansion by way of a party invite. With the seeker squad in town and the news of an approaching fleet, Governor Drummond was reveling in victory before it had been granted. The party however was more than just a look into the indulgent life of the well-to-do. There was also the darker side of humanity to view.

Drummond liked bloodsport, and would acquire slaves to fight to the death for his entertainment. Faylee posed as a stranded noble interested in such things in order to get close to Drummond. She learned that the governor planned to arrest the guild leadership while the seekers assassinated the rebel leadership.

February 1st

Upon hearing the news, Donaldson asked for the party to act on his behalf once again. To counter the power of a seeker squad and the governor’s personal guard a large force would be necessary. Donaldson asked the party to alert the guild leaders and enlist the help of the stranded sailors in the harbor. Together with Donald’s forces and the city’s rebel militia they may be able to overpower the seekers and the guards.

February 2nd

Overnight the seekers began attacking the city’s rebel leadership. The next morning the air was still as conflict approached. Donaldson asked the party for one more favor. Escape in the chaos, but take the last town council member with them, Bridget.
Revolt done
The party arrived at Bridget’s safe house just as the seeker squad hand cornered her. Bart used an incendiary device to disorientate the seekers while the rest of the party rescued Bridget. Quickly they beat feet towards the harbor with the seeker squad in pursuit. Escape seemed within grasp just as the party was cutoff. Donaldson himself intervened sacrificing his life so the party could escape. Then the mob enveloped the seekers.

Freedom wasn’t total yet. As the Nora Perdy pulled away from the quay the harbor fortress began to fire on them. The word to allow the ship passage had not reached the fort. [:logan-varian|Logan]], using the ship’s sky bike daringly delivered Whisper to the fort where she fought her way into the power room. After de-activating the arcane crystal powering the fort’s weapons, she was rescued by Logan and they both returned to the Nora Perdy.

It was now smooth sailing to the next destination: Omeo.


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