Hearts and Pistons

Secret Places Pt 2

March 4th – 12th

Delivery of the cadaver to Peter Cleaver in the city of Baqir has most certainly raised some glaring moral issues for the party. The city itself is filled with undead. It is clear that whatever good the mage government used to stand for is now sick with corruption. The maintenance of mage dominion has become and ends unto itself, and those beyond the fold are left to fend for themselves. It is hard for anyone to continue defending the mages.

Dispossession of the corpse is the first action of the party. Overnight the Nora Perdy’s artillerist devises an explosive device with a hair trigger and installs it into the cadaver. The following morning the party delivers the bomb to Peter Cleaver and quickly leaves after collecting their fee. Reginald is the only one to hear the distance confirmation of the bomb’s quality. The inquisitive necromancer is dead.

Focus now turns to finding and freeing Corvina, Bart’s half-sister. Logan is sent on a reconnaissance mission at the Lord’s estate. In the late hours of the night Bart and Logan locate Corvina, heavily drugged and sick, in a prison-like cell. It is decided that a delay is not wise and the party works to free Corvina immediately. Sensing that their presence may have been detected the party opts for a quick departure.

Faylee offers her good-byes to her friend Arven even trying to convince him to join the party, while Bart parole’s his prisoners. Arven declines the invitation but wishes to see the crew off. When the party reaches the Nora Perdy they find it has been taken by a squad of undead monsters. The party jumps to action and dispatches the fiends and frees the captured crew. The undead attack against one of his closest friends is more than he can bear, and he resigns his commission in favor of joining the party.

The Nora Perdy sets off for Qwain, the next place in Medwin’s scavenger hunt. Qwain is an odd place for the party, a sprawling sub-urban settlement instead of the dense metropolitan cities they are used to. The people in Qwain are odd as well, contained by strict rules and customs handed down by their baron. Faylee uses her noble charm to secure passage through the restricted territory to Far Pointe.
The train ride to Far Pointe takes 20 hours, but the party arrives without incident. Outside the mining settlement the trail leads to an abandoned mine. Deep in the earth Faylee finds the last artifact left by her father: a brief personal message and the contents of his life’s work. On the return trip Reginald begins copying the plans inside the data crystal. Faylee’s first glance leads to only one conclusion: it is a device for removing the Brume. Simple to build but difficult to operate, the device may hold the key to saving civilization.


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