Hearts and Pistons

Secret Places Pt 1

March 1st

After the trials in Omeo the party set off on a cross-continent journey to the enigmatic city of Baqir. Upon the arrival of the Nora Perdy the ship is challenged by a government sloop the Falcon. Not wanting to press their luck the party opts to search for a “backdoor” to the city. The only possible route is a foot trail over the jagged ridges of the mountains.

The trek over land is far from easy. Immediately the sortie almost ends in tragedy, when Faylee nearly falls into the Brume. She is plucked from a slow agonizing death at the last moment, but the rest of the trek is filled with other individuals almost falling to their dooms. The climb is so demanding that the party opts to rest half way up the ridge.

After an eight hour rest the party makes the city walls. However, once atop the walls, it becomes clear that the city of Baqir is not what it seems. It appears that the city is overwhelmed by undead, a thought that is confirmed when undead guards attack the party. While the party is able to beat back the initial attack, more undead rush towards them. They quickly beat feet back into the wilderness.

The return trip to the ship is only made easier by the allegiance of gravity, yet is still demanding. Many party members flop onboard the Nora Perdy with defeatist thoughts in their mind. However Bart is not ready to abandon the best lead to his sister quite yet. They try again to pass the Falcon, but the sloop closes to attack. Captain Frye orders return fire, and almost immediately the Falcon strikes her colors.

It appears that the crew of the falcon is disabled by a plague. Unable to fight they tried to bluff and at Bart’s urging the Nora Perdy called said bluff. The defeated crew leads the party in Baqir’s harbor. It is there that they meet Lieutenant Arven Forshen. Arven is unaffected by the plague and has been doing his best to maintain order among the refugees. His prior friendship with Faylee grants the party his assistance in entering Baqir.

Inside Baqir the party learns that their delivery is that of a scientific nature, but one of questionable morals. Peter Cleaver seeks to use the cadaver they have brought from Omeo for necromantic experimentation. While the party seeks a consensus on completing the delivery, Reginald makes a particular discovery: his creator.

With the situation in Baqir much more clear now, the party must decide how to proceed, and how to liberate Bart’s enslaved sister.


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