Hearts and Pistons

Family Matters

When the party returns to the capital, they find that the Nora Perdy has been ceased by the government, and the crew/passengers imprisoned. The guards detaining the ship are quick to mention that the captain and his crew are being held as war criminals. It means only one thing, that for some reason the government of Qwain had taken issue with the captain’s service record.

Using her link to nobility Faylee attempts to gain an audience with the Baron of Qwain. Although it seems like a long shot, the name Alodia carries some weight in the far-flung land and the party is invited to dinner. The palace is the epitome of decadence, with ostentatious displays that would even amaze the nobles in Rana. The banquet itself spares no eloquent frills either.
The Baron is aware of his stature and power and does little to hide it or act modestly. He remembers conversations with Faylee’s father and shows high regard for the deceased Halfling. So much so that when asked he agrees to intervene in the legal issues surrounding the crew of the Nora Perdy. It seems that the one-sided bombardments that Rana had carried out during the war with Qwain did not sit well with the “defenseless” people of Qwain.

After dinner the party retires to an Inn to wait the outcome of the Baron’s actions. Early in the morning the party was tracked down by the divination magic of Taggart; the crew had been released. Returning to the ship, the party finds that everyone has been set free except the captain, the first mate, and the captain’s daughter. Some fears are allayed when a few hours later Marine returns carrying the captain. However Elaine is still missing.

Marnie believes that the Baron blames captain Frye for the death of his own son during the war. In retribution he has taken Elaine in trade. With the captain incapacitated the crew resolves that something must be done and done quickly as their welcome in Qwain has been worn out. No option seems easy or feasible until Arven suggest a course of action based on his military knowledge.

Taking the veterans from the crew, Arven will lead an attack on the city’s shore batteries. Once the battery is captured he will use the guns to create a distraction so that party can infiltrate the palace. Whisper prepares a defensive device to protect the party from the Baron’s powerful magic, but at the cost of disabling the ship’ drive system. It is decided that it cannot be avoided and the plan is set in motion.

The party waits outside the palace until the battery begins firing. The guns fling shells into an adjacent battery neutralizing it before firing directly on the palace. The chaotic situation is achieved and party quickly makes their way into the palace. Quickly moving to the dungeons the party find Elaine not there, but find evidence of the torture captain Frye was forced to endure. On their way to the upper levels of the palace they find the Baron attempting to abscond with Elaine.

The party defeats the Baron and returns to the ship with Elaine. They find the airship ready to sail as Whisper had taken the liberty to steal power from other vessels in the harbor. The ship takes to the air rescuing the assault team as they make their way to open air. Clear of the city the party plots the next move. They show Whisper the plans for the device. She offers another option, a secret power source long forgotten.


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